G-5 Massager
It works by breaking down fatty cellulite deposits and dispersing this with excess fluid through the Lymphatic areas. This process results in an instant inch loss and detox effect as well as improvement in skin elasticity, collagen flow and blood circulation.
USL / Ultra Slim Lite
Using suction force generated via vacuum negative pressure to suction up the skin's outermost area repeatedly in conjunction with pinching massage and vibrations to stimulate cell activity at deep levels converting Cellulite into Fatty Acid which is excreted via Lymphatic Circulation.
RF / Radio Frequency
Best suited to patients with Mild to Moderate sagging of Facial Tissues. This deep skin penetrating technology uses pure Radio Frequency energy is primarily used to treat Skin Laxity by Facial Tightening. Also used to treat areas like Tummy, Arms and Thigh. Multiple treatments results in noticeable skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.
LF /Low Frequency
This very pleasant and relaxing treatment is mainly used to lift and burn fat. You can burn as much as 750 calories in one treatment. Best results if used in conjunction with USL / Ultra Slim Lite and RF / Radio Frequency treatments.
TFR / Therapeutic Fat Reducer
An upgrade from the traditional Sauna, this treatment also relatively more comfortable and relaxing. Increases metabolic activity speeding up the natural detoxification process of the body while improving blood circulation.

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