?What is Black Pearl’s History?

In 1982, Sea of Spa Ltd. was established as a family-owned company with a long history. The company activity founded on producing and marketing mud and salts from the Dead Sea. Later, in 2004, the company was acquired by Mr. Hanan Glam, owner of Black Pearl cosmetics, in order to increase and develop the market of the Dead Sea products. Under Mr. Glam’s leadership, it was in 2008 that Sea of Spa Ltd. would expand into a network that owns and operates concept stores in both domestic and international markets.

Today, Sea of Spa Ltd. is currently the No. 1 leader in the manufacturing of Dead Sea cosmetics. Plus, the company leads an extensive Research and Development program conducted by a dedicated team of dermatologists, bio-chemists, and bio-technicians of international standing in the world of cosmetics.

?What are Black Pearl’s Core Values?

We believe strongly in the following core values:

Innovation:  Creativity, inspiration, and the boldness to consistently push boundaries and explore new paths are our approach to product innovation.

Quality:  As the leading label manufacturer of skincare products worldwide, we provide the right solution for every purpose; for every market. All of our products are approved by Licenses in ISO/GMP standards and the Ministry of Health.

Authenticity:  Brings the experience of the Dead sea to everyone; not only by the products but also as a revival experience. The Dead Sea is known for its healing properties, and many of the ingredients in our products are directly sourced from the Dead Sea. Made exclusively for Black Pearl, our cosmetics are based on minerals which aim to slowing the aging process, and they are patent protected.

Technology:  Our products have significant advantage over other skin care product manufacturers. Only our products contain all the minerals and vitamins that are based on seaweeds called Dunaliella, which can only be found on the Dead Sea. Plus, we use original black pearl powder that is imported exclusively from Tahiti to our labs. Those unique ingredients cause slow aging and lifting and firming the skin. Additionally, they are products that contain the least glycerin and silicon, and are paraben free.

?What makes Black Pearl so exclusive?

With 18 amino acids and 27 Dead Sea minerals concentrated inside each application, our skin care products restore health and vitality to your skin. We use nature’s treasures to heal your skin naturally. Some of the ingredients in our Black Pearl skin care product line include:

  • Tahitian black pearl powder from French Polynesia
  • Pure collagen
  • Seaweed
  • Dead Sea salt
  • Mineral infused mud
  • 24 karat gold
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Dunaliella extract
  • Plant extracts
  • Paraben free
  • Alcohol free
?How does Black Pearl’s skin care products compare to other wrinkle-reducing treatments?

The Dead Sea is known around the world for its healing properties, and our skin care products use only the finest of ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea region. Many people who use Botox and other wrinkle-reducing treatments prefer to use Black Pearl’s skin care products, because the results are incomparable to other topical lotions and injectables.

“There are very sophisticated ingredients today that have multiple skin benefits like smoothing, lightening pigment, diminishing lines, replenishing lipids, and stimulating cell renewal,” — Annet King, director of the International Dermal Institute.

Not even Botox can do all of those things listed above. With topical skin care products from Black Pearl, you canachieve healthier skin and a youthful glow. The topical ingredients in our skin care products will show immediate wrinkle-reducing results, but the ongoing benefits of using Black Pearl’s line over time will continue to improve your skin. Researchers say that topical skin care products like Black Pearl can take up to six months to show results, but they’re worth it.

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